Pick ups between 5:30-6:30. Sugar free chocolate chargeable and used on request.

Delivery And Refunds


  • Amrita’s outsources deliveries to its logistics partner, which delivers its products all over Mumbai for a delivery fee, that will be calculated and added to your amount at checkout.
  • Customers acknowledge, understand and agree that Amrita’s does not assume responsibility for deliveries, as the same are outsourced to third party logistics partner(s).
  • If a delivery is requested by a customer on this website, the customer acknowledges and agrees that Amrita’s outsources deliveries of its products and is therefore not responsible/liable for damage to the product and/or others issues which may arise once the product(s) leave Amrita’s premises. Therefore, if a customer opts for delivery of a product, the delivery of each product is at the customer’s own risk and Amrita’s assumes no liability/ responsibility for such delivery, delays in delivery, damage caused to products during the course of delivery and/or any other related issues which may arise.
  • Products are at the risk of the customers once they have been dispatched from Amrita’s premises.
  • For same day delivery or urgent orders, please contact us on +91 9820633336 and we will try and accommodate your request.
 Delivery Terms
  • The customer is responsible for the information of the recipient’s correct name and address details. This information should be precise, accurate and complete ( i.e. contact name and number, building name, flat number, wing etc.) to enable delivery under normal conditions.
  • In case any details are required to complete the delivery, the customer will be contacted via telephone.
  • The customer recognizes that the delivery time is non-binding. Estimated delivery time depends on the location of the delivery and on the third party logistics partner, and Amrita’s will not be liable or responsible for the same in any event.
  • Delays in delivery due to bad weather, traffic disruptions and other unforeseen circumstances will be conveyed to the customer immediately.
  • Delivery will be made by a third party delivery service keeping in mind the nature of the order.
  • Desserts and products with icing cannot be delivered, and would have to be picked up by customers in-store from our premises.



Amrita’s reserves the right to cancel any order under the following circumstances:

  • If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, you must notify us by 9:00 AM one day prior (24 hours) to the delivery date (i.e. if an order is scheduled for 25th of May, the cancellation will need to be made by 9:00 AM on the 24th of May). A refund of the amount will be made and processed after confirmation of cancellation. Following this period, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.
  • Incorrect or incomplete information regarding customer’s address (street address, landmark etc.)
  • Obvious inaccuracies in the product listing (error in price, specification, quantity etc.)
  • Unavailability of the product
  • If area falls under “Non Serviceable zone” or “out of delivery area” by our Logistic Courier Partner even after placing the order in that case, order can be cancelled.


Refunds will be made for orders that are cancelled before 9: 00 AM, 24 hours prior to the delivery date.

To receive a refund:

  • You must raise a request by sending an email to amritashealthytreats@gmail.com
  • Our team will process your request within 24-48 hours of receiving the request.
  • You will receive any email with the case details once the refund is processed. The final credit in your account will depend on your bank’s internal policies but usually takes 7-10 working days.

No refunds will be entertained following the stipulated cancellation period.

  • Since taste and preference is a very personal matter, we will not entertain replacements or refunds for products that are simply not to your liking.
  • Ownership of the products is transferred completely to the customer only once full payment of the billed amount is made. Products are at the risk of the customers once they have been delivered.