Pick ups between 5:30-6:30. Sugar free chocolate chargeable and used on request.

About Us


Inspired to create low-sugar, healthier cakes for her nephew who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes as a toddler, Amrita Jaising first kick-started a home-baking pet project under the banner Amrita's Healthy Treats & More back in 2005.

Fifteen years on, the brand, now known as Amrita's Home Baked Goodness, has grown to become one of Mumbai's best known home baking businesses.

True to the initial vision with which we first started our brand, we at Amrita's staunchly focus on combining old-world baking techniques with wholesome and healthy ingredients to develop artfully simple cakes and desserts which are nutritious and free of preservatives and food additives.

That's why each of our cakes is made fresh to order - we wish to provide our customers with delicious, hand-crafted products accompanied by all the warmth, comfort and wholesomeness that only a home-baked treat can provide, straight out of the oven. 

We offer customisable cakes and especially strive to serve those with gluten, egg, dairy and sugar sensitivities, the health-conscious, and most importantly, diabetics who are often unable to indulge. We take great pride in going the extra mile to provide you with home-baked goodies that are tailored to suit your dietary preferences. 

Majority of our cakes are sweetened with raw sugar, jaggery, coconut sugar, dates and are available in egg-free and gluten-free options.

The use of almond meal, whole wheat, nachni flour (finger millet), rice flour, quinoa, rajgira, hand selected nuts and seeds and many other healthy options aims to ensure that our customers can truly partake in “healthy indulgence”.